Top-notch infrastructure 

Cutting-edge devices and 24 / 7 state-of-the-art lab facility

At EXCEL IT SERVICES & TRAINING Lab we engage teachers and students in high quality, hands-on learning experience, knowledge and skills of an expert level network engineer to manage and operate sophisticated and converged network infrastructure. The aspiring candidates acquire highly-valued skills and technical expertise in the in-demand IT field. The diverse range of IT courses offered at EXCEL IT SERVICES & TRAINING helps in gaining a strong technical expertise.

Our training center features collaborative learning spaces, specialized facilities and world-class laboratories. Our facilities are well-equipped with many advanced systems, equipment and technologies.


Our CISCO labs consists of 125 + latest Cisco Router’s, Switches & Cisco Firewalls, etc. supporting latest Cisco 15.0 IOS Versions in them, giving our students to get a personal hands-on practice on the latest 15.0 IOS versions which are now currently being used for testing in the CCIE (R & S) Lab Exams.

Our Multiple fully loaded CCIE racks have enough interfaces to simulate any possible complex scenarios within a very short time and each CCIE rack is comprised fully of Six 3640 routers with Cisco IOS version 12.3/12.4 and four Cisco 3560 Layer 3 switches respectively with no time wasted in changing Cables to simulate different topologies.

We have arranged sufficient numbers of Cisco Routers and Switches to help a student understand and practice all the latest concepts which Cisco expects from a student to have a good understanding of. We are not into number games where some training institutes falsely claim to have biggest or largest Cisco infrastructure in India whereas the reality is quite different.

We have the best and pleasing and attractive training center neatly spread across 1700 sqft area, comprising of Six separate spacious labs providing our students to do hands-on practice on any of the six available Cisco Racks at any time of the day or to read respective course books and understand theory peacefully in a very pleasant and favorable environment.This makes students easily and comfortably grasp difficult topics under the expert guidance of the respective faculties who always go 2 steps further to explain and make the students understand their concepts thoroughly.

The list of Our Cisco Infrastructure is as follows:

Latest CISCO 5512 – X ASA Security Device : 2 No’s
Latest Cisco 1905 ISR Advance Security Routers :6 no’s

1 Cisco 3800 Series Router’s 2 no’s
2 Cisco 3600 Series Router’s 20 no’s
3 Cisco 2811 ISR Advance Security Routers 6 no’s
4 Cisco 1841 ISR Advance Security Router’s 10 no’s
5 Cisco 2600 Series Router’s 8 no’s
6 Cisco 2500 Series Router’s 25 no’s
7 Cisco 1700 Series VoIP Router’s 3 no’s
8 Cisco 1600 Series Router’s 3 no’s
9 Cisco 1231G Access Point 1 no
10 Cisco 2511 Series Terminal Servers 5 no’s
11 Cisco 3560 Series Layer 3 Switches 15 no’s
12 Cisco 3550 Series Layer 3 Switches 3 no’s
13 Cisco 2900 Series Layer 2 Switches 5 no’s
14 Cisco 7960 Series IP Telephones 2 no’s
15 Cisco 7940 Series IP Telephones 2 no’s
16 Cisco 3005 Series VPN Concentrator 1 no
17 Cisco PIX Firewall (515E -IOS 7.1(4)) 1 no
18 Cisco ASA 5510 with Security Plus IOS 2 no’s
19 Cisco PIX Firewall (501) 1 no
20 Cisco NM – 8 A/S Modules 4 no’s
21 Cisco NM – 2 E + 2 W Modules 20 no’s
22 Cisco NM – 2 FE + 2 W Modules 8 no’s
23 Cisco NM – 1 E + 2 W Modules 5 no’s
24 Cisco 2T WIC Cards 30 no’s
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